Notebook Builder

Web application for DIY Notebook Makers

A web application used to customize and print out your own notebook filler paper, using common printers and stock.

Project Status:


Whom is it for?

First off, it's for people who like to make their own sketchbooks using common printers and paper, It is a very esoteric project, intended to serve a niche within a niche. I write more about the target beneficiaries and their domain in this post: Making Custom Notebooks

What does it do?

This tool helps customize the filler paper for sketchbooks and notebooks. In the spirit of eating my own dog food, I experiment with an early prototype of the tool to create my own sketchbooks: Experiments in Notebook Making.


  • landing page
  • the actual, live app

I'll be working on a comments section, but for now, you can tweet me @JayLiu50 or email me at

Written by Jay Liu, interaction designer.