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About Me

Hi, I'm Jay.

Not only am I prone to design interactions, I love to empower those around me to do great work by providing and curating resources and building internal tools and processes.

I'm currently based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Jay in his element
Jay in his element

Why this site?

I have just had too many ideas in my head about interfaces, interactions, and design methods, and hoped a site like this would bring them out so I could start playing with them.

Hope you will find some percentage of it interesting.

Welcome to my site!

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Still curious?

My topics of interest include design, human-computer interaction, communication (especially visual and symbolic), collaboration, creativity, graphic and print design, visual analytics, urban design, last-mile transportation, cognitive and behavioral psychology, photography, economics, sociology.

In social gatherings, I will likely delve too deep in conversation topics, and miss all your pop culture references… But, I will say that, of about 3% of the time, I can be frickin' hilarious.

Other interests and endeavors include being a dad, husband, photographer, mechanical keyboard enthusiast, crafter and user of sketchbooks, web tech tinkerer, podcast and audiobook consumer, reader, and a practicing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.